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STATE OF TOMORROW offers a complete solution from strategy, design, development, content creation, back of house integration and marketing, all backed by first class technology. As a full-service marketing agency, our strength is not just in developing an amazing site but helping you build your brand and business as a whole.

We understand the fashion customer, how they operate in the digital
space, and how best to capture their attention.

Design &


We live our lives without limitations, and the things we create reflect that - no templates and more importantly, no boundaries. We think beyond simple websites, offering innovative design founded on the next level strategy.
In this increasingly digital age,
a brand's presence online has become as important to their success as the products they produce.
We understand that success in the digital environment relies on speed and ease of use. Because we handle both design and execution, we give our clients the ability to stand out from the crowds, and tell their own story in their own words.

E -


At STATE OF TOMORROW, we believe that how you sell is as important to your business as what you sell.

We back technology with consumer understanding. We believe that sound e-commerce begins with important questions: How does a consumer shop? What converts shopping time into purchases? The different nuances of how men & women shop online. Armed with information, experience and creativity, we create solutions to e-commerce challenges.

The digital space has allowed brands to be available to their customers around the clock, and around the globe. As such, a traditional approach to e-commerce is no longer sufficient.

Our breakthrough e-commerce platforms and our fashion focused content management system (CMS) is changing the way brands do business online.

We look at the way consumers shop, and create sites that utilize retail best practices like cross-selling and look-based suggestions via an easy to use drag and drop interface.

Our sites leverage tools like meaningful product relationships and shoppable branded content, capitalizing on every opportunity for potential sales.
Product & brand
It's become commonplace for apparel companies to separate their product (e-commerce) from their brand sites – but why? In the brick and mortar environment, the store not only reflects, but enhances the brand and the product. We believe building truly integrated sites that send a consistent message, make the cornerstone of retail success possible in a digital context as well.

Branded content is the perfect way to enhance the shopping experience, and establish a permanent connection with your consumer.

Our innovative approach to e-commerce allows our clients to seamlessly combine branding and sales, and construct a user experience that generates as much demand as it does business.

Allow customer to
Shop total looks
Utilize look-based
product suggestions
Integrate multiple
product categories
Connect Shopping with
consumer lifestyle

STATE OF TOMORROW was a pioneer in creation of look-based shopping. In analyzing the way women shop, we discovered that they shop total looks rather than buying multiple versions of the same item. While shopping, women consider the total package; from the dress to the shoes to the perfect bag, finding pieces that compliment one another.

Traditional back-end frameworks don't accommodate full looks, however we have developed our own flexible data framework to accommodate both full looks and individual products.
Shoppable Content
We believe that any good e-commerce strategy makes purchasing items as easy as possible for the consumer.

Our 'Shop this look' technology allows the user to add an item from an image or video directly to their shopping cart, rather than forcing them to navigate away from the content they're currently viewing.

This works particularly well with campaign & press imagery (e.g. buy this product that a particular celebrity is wearing).

The product relationship can be easily controlled via our SOT-CMS.

Meaningful Product
Via the SOT-CMS meaningful product relationships can be easily created on a per item basis, meaning you can show relevant suggested items to maximize sales. It's as easy as drag and drop!



As a full service solution, we work with your team on building consumer marketing plans that target both existing and new customers.

Our industry expertise makes us the perfect partners in customer marketing & sales strategies. We support mobile media content with iphone/smart phone user applications, and re-enforce them with swing tickets and loyalty programs in-store and online.
Post sales marketing
Once the sale is complete, the customer relationship begins. We target customers with follow-up e-mails and meaningful suggestions for future purchases that increase consumer retention and boost sales.
Make it personal
By controlling your own site, you have the opportunity to make a one-to-one connection with your customer, and have a responsibly to your business to maximize this relationship with consistent and personal contact.


Analytics allow you to better understand your consumer, and in turn better deliver your brand and sales messages.

STATE OF TOMORROW delivers meaningful analytic reports that not only serve the marketing and online departments, but improve the effectiveness of product development, retail operations, sales and beyond.
Consumer Marketing Email & post sale
Site analytics & metrics
Order & customer
Advertising Social networking


& Strategy

Discovery and strategy are the foundations upon which we build every project. We believe that beginning with sound thinking leads to the development of sound business. We invest considerable time researching (market & trend review), speaking to your team & formulating clear prioritized objectives at the start of every project to ensure the end result is on target and delivered to everyone's expectations. KEY AREAS:
Business & brand
Competitive landscape Resource planning
Content planning Market & trend review